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Rooted History in Every Brew

St Andrews Brewery’s journey began in the early 2000s when Andrew Purchase and the legendary Freedman Brothers of Australian horse racing came together. In 2015, Andrew and Michael Freedman capitalized on a unique opportunity, transforming a historic space into a truly unique brewery. Today, we are excited to bring our exceptional craft beer and rich heritage from Australia to India, locally brewed to cater to the Indian palate. Our finest brews are now available for you to enjoy right here in India.


Discover our three most loved flavors from Australia, now freshly brewed to delight the diverse palates found across India. Each sip promises a unique taste experience!

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Secret to SAB's Flavors: Inside Our Modern Brewing Facility

Experience the perfect blend of world-class brewing technology and unparalleled flavor at our new manufacturing plant in India, designed to match the standards of Australia’s finest. Outfitted with cutting-edge machinery and driven by a commitment to excellence, this facility delivers the renowned quality and distinctive tastes of Australian beer to Indian shores. Each batch is meticulously crafted to ensure a premium beer experience for our discerning customers. Welcome to the future of brewing, where traditional flavors meet modern innovation.

Discover Innovation at SAB's State-of-the-Art Brewing Facility

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Bringing the Best Flavors from Australia

Excited to bring my brand to India! We’re delivering a taste of Australia’s finest brews, each crafted to showcase the vibrant and unique flavors we love. Get ready to explore these exceptional beers. Cheers Mate!

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